What Are The Consequences Of Publishing Plagiarized Content On Your Website

Plagiarism is considered to be a serious offense in cyber industry. There are strict laws made to curb plagiarism. A website owner who has plagiarized content present on his website will have to bear strict legal consequences.  There are several tools present on the website that helps in tracing matching content.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism happens when one copies the intellectual property such as web content, logo, design, etc. of another person and utilizes in their own work.

Not just any other person’s work, if a person is found to be using his own content again at different places then also it is considered as plagiarism. This is called as self-plagiarism.

Consequences Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is referred to as gaining and using intellectual property written by one person without any prior labeling and acknowledgment. It is mostly seen in areas such as art, literature, and science.

This phenomenon generally occurs when academic students write their thesis at a graduation level. If the presentation of the student has found to be plagiarized then colleges have stringent policies to take action against those students.

For violation of the code of conduct, a student can even be debarred from the college. Due to this, not just universities but even students have started taking plagiarism aspect seriously.

There are several types of plagiarism checker tools available on the market that assists the student in finding out any content they have written when matches to the content present on the web.

Due acknowledgment and credit needs to be given to the person who is the owner of the intellectual property whose content you have been using in forming your matter. All this has to be done in an appropriate way to avoid the serious consequences of plagiarism.

In What Ways Does Plagiarism Detection Software Help A Student?

Besides being a strict offense in college and universities, Google and several other search engines also penalize those websites that use copied content. Ultimately, this brings down the search rankings and damages the reputation of an online business.

The best way for protection from such consequences is to use plagiarism detection software. The software compares different documents together or a document with the web pages online.

It highlights all those sentences or collection of words which have been copied directly from the web without making any changes.

What To Do To Avoid Plagiarism?

 There are certain things that you can do to avoid your written text to fall into the category of plagiarism. These steps are:

  • Consult different research sources
  • Always find out indirect and direct quotations along with the name the sources
  • Use unique style and phrasing
  • Highlight different areas of the topic
  • Cite information sources while paraphrasing

If you are having a website or preparing to write content for it, you must know about plagiarism. Monitoring your content for plagiarism from time to time would keep your content protected by copyright and in adherence to the cyber laws.

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