Top 3: BEST HAND VACUUM for car cleaning

Have you hesitations about choosing your best car vacuum cleaner? Here are our top 3 to find the best handheld vacuum for your car: the Dyson Animal DC43H Pro is the champion of all categories with its incomparable power, the Philips FC6148 / 01 we were impressed with its excellent value for money, and amazing maneuverability Black & Decker PV1420L has fully convinced us. But look a little further.


Dyson DC43H

Autonomy Suction power Charging time loudness Weight
20 min 28W / 65W 5:30 85 dB 1.32 kg

Philips FC6148 / 01

Autonomy Suction power Charging time loudness Weight
11 min 22W 8h 81 dB 0.8 Kg

Black & Decker PV1420L

Autonomy Suction power Charging time loudness Weight
10 minutes 27.5W 4h 80 dB 1,4 Kg


Design and grip

The Dyson brand offers a cleaner design and even futuristic, which certainly takes a little more space but gives a nice effect.

With its bright colors and transparent effects, thanks to its foldable mouthpiece, it is an object that installs easily in a sophisticated decor.

As for the Philips Mini Vacuum, it is certainly more discreet but no less well thought aesthetically.

A vacuum table is much more manageable than a conventional vacuum cleaner: Wireless and extremely lightweight, it can also be stored in a cupboard in the kitchen. Our preference focuses on the Philips FC6148 / 01, quite revolutionary with less than 1 kg on the scale! It hardly can feel the weight in the hand during use, so it is far more pleasant to use.

The Black & Decker is the heaviest of our top 3 with 1.4 kg, but it remains very manageable. The nose can rotate a range of 200 °, and it makes a difference to vacuum underneath microwave and normally inaccessible crumbs. It may also take place when it is stored.

We also liked the ease with which we use the Dyson Animal DC43H Pro, easily usable with its weight of 1.3 kg feather.


Suction side, nothing wrong for our top 3: each table vacuum cleaner has been very effective for vacuuming tables’ crumbs and small dust. It still brings extra points for the Dyson Animal DC43H Pro, which has a “max” button to difficult surfaces. It then has more than 60 W of power! Then it is quite possible to clean shag carpets.

Battery life and charge time

A vacuum table is primarily used for extra cleaning, so it has not much autonomy. Nevertheless, we note the enormous effort of the Dyson machine, which can be used for 20 minutes, unlike the two other models and other handhelds in general that rarely exceed 10 minutes remaining.

Regarding charge time, it is relatively long, given the limited range of vacuum cleaners, but can vary greatly depending on the brand. Our champion is the Black & Decker PV1420L and 4h charge, far ahead 8am Philips FC6148 / 01. The latter, however, has the advantage of automatically stopping the charging of the battery when it is loaded, this is not the case of two other templates.

For DC43H Animal Pro costs around 5:30 charge before reuse. A Little detail can be important depending on your home: wireless Dyson is charging only a wall socket, unlike the other 2 that can also be based on a kitchen cabinet.


We know that the handheld unit is not itself a silent vacuum cleaner, and this is confirmed by testing the three devices, which nevertheless remain about average. The Quietest is the Black & Decker and Philips with their 80 dBs. It will support 85 dB with the Dyson, but due to the rapid use of a vacuum table, embarrassment is not ephemeral.


Whatever type of device – cordless vacuum cleaner, bagless vacuum cleaner, robot … – Dyson manufacturers are masters to design very effective accessories. So it’s no surprise that the DC43H convinced us to clean requiring specific nozzles and brushes. Because in addition to a loose brush and a nozzle which are usually provided with each table vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Animal Pro is as its name suggests, an equipped item to get rid of the most stubborn dirt in armchairs. A mini powerhead off sucks the hair effectively, without the need to dwell at length on each surface. This is a real asset for car’s user who loves pets.

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