Figuring what material, thickness and firmness needed if you sleep on your back, side, if you snore

It is possible that if you have back pain or neck strain during the night or getting your pillow is not being a good ally of rest.

Are golden rules to choose the best for us? The first rule is that it is advisable always to sleep with a pillow: holding the head and favors to adopt a natural position in which our muscles be relaxed; “Sleep without a pillow,” says Francisco J. Márquez Dorsch, head of Department of Otolaryngology Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja (Madrid), “he would make the neck was inclined to force an unnatural position for hours.”

Our pillow directly affects the cervical and consequently, the whole back. “In the neck,” argues Marquez, “multiple joints, ligaments and muscles in which tensions accumulate during the day, so that these structures can relax during the eight hours of sleep, should remain in a comfortable position.” The two factors that must be taken into account when choosing a pillow are the height and firmness. The bamboo memory foam pillow is highly recommended



They are very comfortable and have great resilience; They are breathable and fresh, allowing the circulation of air inside, favoring the absorption of moisture, also, “as they are fully washable” reports Alejandro Peña, head of brand Pikolin, “promote better hygiene in the rest .”


They have excellent properties of “adaptation and temperature sensitivity, and perfectly adapted to the shape of the head, providing more support and cervical favoring a complete rest.”


Soft and pleasant texture, “have an internal open cell structure which allows greater ventilation and hygiene.”

Sleep posture

If you sleep face down

The hardness and the material it is made also have relevance for a good rest. For people who sleep face down “a soft, thin pillow is recommended,” says Alejandro Peña, head of brand Pikolin, “which allow the head is aligned with the body as if we were standing.”

Face up

To rest your back or if we change a lot of position, “a pillow firmness and intermediate thickness are very timely.”


A very high and hard pillow ago we force our neck and have it too raised; soft and small neck will fall, losing the alignment is perfect. Dr. Marquez gives the mathematical formula to choose centimeters thick that you must have the pillow 10: “Simply measure the distance ranging from the end of the shoulder to the face can be done by standing with one shoulder against the wall. And measuring the distance that remains of the wall to the ear, the result is added between two and four centimeters depending on the hardness of the pillow “. In short, someone with broad shoulders needs a thicker than another person narrower shoulders pillow.

Against snoring

The best place to rest and avoid back pain and breathing problems (such as sleep apnea or snoring), as recommended by Dr. Clara Beltran, the specialist in Otolaryngology and Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine, “is the side or fetal cube” of side and spine straight. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome occurs, says Marquez, “by a closure of the airway motivated by muscle relaxation during sleep (especially the airway is obstructed at the level of the palate and tongue base).” But there are cases in which only appear apneas in a -apneas position postures-, “above all face up” qualifies Beltran, “so you should try to prevent these patients sleep is that position. If we sleep on your back, a pillow too high does not favor the breath as it makes us bend your head forward and obstructs the airway. ” For them, says Marquez, “there are specially designed pillows that force those who use them to take a stand aside and thereby avoid the closure of the airway.”

We choose which want, remember that the duration of a pillow is usually about two or three years, depending on usage and the number of washes carried out; From that moment, they begin to lose their initial characteristics.

Everything that is suitable for elderly but what we do with the children? How long can they use the pillow? “Babies have a larger head in proportion to the body than adults,” says Marquez; therefore, to sleep, his head is aligned with the body and do not need to use a pillow. “It could be recommended that the use from the year of life and should be small, fluffy and hypoallergenic material.”

And one last tip for couples: When you sleep in the company, everyone should use a custom pillow; especially if there is a significant difference in height or weight.

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