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Chamomile – Matricaria chamomilla or Matricaria Recutita

. On the body: Works very healing to stomach pain, heartburn, and persistent indigestion. Help relieve sore nipples. Pain relief in general. It is recommended to use with the best oil diffuser

. Emotions & psyche treat: Helps with irritability, restlessness, impatience, anger and irritation. Dispels stress and anxiety.

. Spiritual – Energetic: Chamomile has an unyielding calming and comforting effect. This applies to the Roman chamomile and for the Chamomile.

  • They are working on all levels: physical, emotional and subtle.
  • The dark blue color of chamomile highlights the affinity with the throat chakra, which this oil has a tonic and sedative effect.
  • This effect will be enhanced if the oil is used in combination with blue stones like e.g. sodalite, lapis lazuli
  • Chamomile one uses for the promotion of the communication. Also very useful to be said as the truth, without bitterness and anger.
  • Roman chamomile is lighter blue and also has a direct effect on the throat chakra but in the highest octaves.
  • This oil can help to express the highest spiritual truth and strengthens the psychic ability.
  • Use it in combination with light blue stones such chalcedony, aquamarine
  • Blue is a very calming color and hence chamomile is very useful to the excitement and excessive activity to slow down in the chakra (not just in the throat chakra).
  • Use chamomile to heal the aura in places where there is heat, excitement, anger

Mandarin – Citrus reticulata

. On the body: Helps digestion and soothes and strengthens the stomach and liver. It stimulates the whole digestive and bowel function. Works great during pregnancy, prevents stretch marks. Is particularly suitable for children and babies.

. Handle emotions and psyche: Does excited and happy. Very useful oil to make children and babies happy.
Mandarin is relaxing and soothing. Contributes to a restorative sleep. Mandarin works ideally with restlessness and tightness.

. Spiritual – Energetic: Mandarin helps to get in touch with your inner child. This oil gives a feeling of happiness to infants, children, and the inner child in adults.

Marjoram – Origanum Marjorana

. On the body: Works well with asthma, cough, cold hands and feet, bruising, bruising, menstrual pain, thrush, PMS, exam nerves, migraines, insomnia, hypertension, digestive cramps, anxiety, arthritis, toothache, earache, colds, sinusitis, arthritis, lumbago, sprains, strains, rheumatoid arthritis, slightly elevated blood pressure and stress.
Marjoram has combined with an activating Rosemary and analgesic effect.

. Emotions & psyche treat: Marjolein warms the heart and soothes the nerves. When mental exhaustion or nervous tension gives these oils peace and tranquility.
This oil has a calming effect on the nervous system and acts as an anti-depressive.

. Spiritual – Energetic

Balm – Melissa officinalis

. On the body: Very useful in vomiting, indigestion, and abdominal cramps. Relieves palpitations and lowers blood pressure.

. Emotions & psyche treat: Does lively and stimulating. Gives new life and brings peace and quiet.
Balm soothes the nerves and let’s love life.
This oil gives vitality and makes sexually desirable.
Balm has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect on unhappy, depressed, panicky and hysterical people.

. Spiritual – Energetic: Melissa takes the subtle aromatherapy is a very special place because of its great value in all forms of mourning.

  • It is known for her ability to bring comfort to people who are going through a grieving process, especially in cases where a loved one unexpectedly, for example when an accident is deceased – so when there is a shock of grief.
  • But balm also brings comfort to broken relationships and all other forms of sadness and shock to the heart.
  • Lotion helps very well with fear and grief and a sense of acceptance and understanding in place.
  • Used in an aroma diffuser that oil creates an atmosphere of spiritual are one and consolation.
  • Melisse has an affinity for both the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra (the Swedish name for it means the joy of the heart).
  • This helps to have feelings of love for the individual and personal level to become the full acceptance of unconditional love.
  • Balm helps to remember our past lives. For some people, this means that the easier past lives recall the memory, for others, it means that the certainty that they have lived through to them or strengthened earlier, even though they can have that certainty out of words to express bring.
  • The character of the plant is an important symbol of the operation of the facility. Balm is not practical to eradicate: Even if you completely cuts off the plant to the ground, it grows back quickly and very plentiful.
  • The balm is ideal for group meditations, should be addressed particularly if the energy of the group on a common goal.

Myrthe – Myrtus communis

. On the body: Works well with acne, hemorrhoids, chronic coughing, infections, bronchitis, flu, colds, nasal congestion, mucosal inflammation, fatigue.

Because Myrtle has a very mild action, this oil is very suitable for the treatment of children.

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