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Demountable tents as temporary solution

Whenever you have to make decisions that require spending money, customers think and think the best decision. That’s what they have to do because the detachable tents are an excellent solution, but we believe that we do, if we want something fixed or something temporary. If you have that question by giving you around in my head, you’re reading the right blog, because it is true that we must be responsible in choosing an appropriate and proportional to what we do under solution.

For example, if there are people who have a farm for weddings and events and want to buy a marquee to expand the space wedding. We are experts in that. We have sold many tents for weddings farms because these farms are just looking to expand their space, but either do not have permission to build or not want to spend a fortune, then our tents are an excellent solution to expand space.

It is true that the example was putting before is more typical for tents pavilion, but it is possible a type of carp or another. In fact so that we can understand the tent canopy and removable tent. More or less, the pavilion tent is bigger, so it is a more stable type of carp and is used for customers with a more hard space. When the tent is used for wedding or some type decorated space, what we do is sell a tent pavilion and decorate to suit the client.

Demountable tents are smaller; they are a form of the tent that can mount the same customer without the need to go a specialized team, which is why tents are a solution cheap and very useful and valid for any discerning client tents. Also, we have many dimensions of detachable tents for sale. Some of the tents have figured as the following:

  • Removable canvas 4 x 4 m.
  • Tents detachable 6 x 8 m.
  • Removable tents 3 x 10 m.
  • Removable tents 4 x 12 m. curtained

That is why as you can see we can meet with the shelter a variety of surfaces, often compare us with tents purchased in places like IKEA, Carrefour, Decathlon, El Corte Ingles and even shops almost the type of all 1 euro. But even though these companies are very skilled in many things, you can not compare our experience in tents with them. Yes, it is true that their product could be as good as ours, but do not forget that in our company install and assemble tents sell well. And although it is true that just a demountable tents are tents that the client is mounted at home, it is true that no one better than an expert in tents to advise in tents rather than a department store. That is, to conclude, demountable tents can be an excellent solution for customers who want a temporary facility. But for those who still doubt, better access our contact form and tell us your doubt.

Resistant folding tents lasting more than one event

Tell me what you need? I want resistant folding tents … but they are cheap tents! This is the typical response we encountered one every other day too. Other times, when asked What are you looking for? Seeking cheap tents, tents that are worth little money, tents at a small price. It is an obsession for many customers as if the only important thing is money. Obviously, for us, it is also important the price of the tents, but you pay the value of the tents. In ComprarCarpa, we resistant folding tents, quality, not just cheap tents. Because what the customer usually want is something with a minimum durability. Imagine that we were selling tends to last less than a single event, yes what would happen is that we would fall heads in shame. No more no less. The tents have to last more than a single game, if not the best is to rent folding tents.

To conclude, I think it has become clear that first, you have to choose a company that has experience and secondly we have to think by tight folding tents, lasting more than one event. So we recommend it and hope you to contact us as soon as possible.

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