Who decides to embellish his garden with a hexagonal gazebo with steel frame, finds a broad range of gazebos & party tents or cheap tents for sale. This variant of the garden gazebo is in its almost round shape like the first tent, from which the gazebo takes its name, very similar. Differences exist in the construction and material composition. On eBay, you can buy both the matching gazebo and the matching party tent.

Hexagonal Gazebo – different versions


Party tents and gazebo with steel frame can be found on eBay in a standard category, even if they differ from transportable tent version and as existing fixed gazebo permanent location. A sorting by the diameter of 280 cm to 500 cm possible, as can be the search results by color or other characteristics, filter, such as whether the material water-repellent, or whether it should be a gazebo with roof crown.

Gazebo fixed

Hexagonal gazebo with steel frame can provide space depending on the size up to 30 people. Smaller models are just in the fixed-mounted variant, however, the optimal place to second or fourth to relax and make yourself comfortable with friends. For gazebo fixed location also mostly solid steel rods are used, build some more strength and effort require flexible party tents. But if they once set up, they also offer better protection against wind and weather.


Garden houses with steel framework are, next to the wooden gazebo, classic among fixed mounted gazebo. Here flexible walls of plastic or plexiglass can be used as windows. Who is trained in welding and metalwork? Also, its garden gazebo could create in the style of French luxury buildings of the Côte d’Azur. Often a metal gazebo serves as a tool shed, for its robustness and resists wind and weather.

Pillared gazebo

Also pronged arcades you will find the pavilion with the steel frame or another gazebo , although this style usually requires a foundation and therefore no longer meets the definition of a typical gazebo. This says a gazebo is built of lightweight construction and has no foundation. However, gazebos cement pillars with steel roof give your garden or Greek Mediterranean flair and are a real eye catcher.

Open gazebo

Who wants to lay down a luxury gazebo in the backyard, but wants something special, will find numerous models of the open-sided gazebo, equipped for example with artistically wrought iron elements or with unusual roofs that serve to UV rays as sun protection. Also for device roofing straight open steel structures are perfect and are sometimes even used as a garage.

Cleaning the garden tent

A unique outdoor Zeltdach- and tarpaulin cleaner, a universal cleaner or other cleaning agents help your gazebo to keep clean or to restore them to a high gloss after winter. Is your hexagonal gazebo coated, but be careful not to destroy this coating to aggressive cleaning agents or through improper cleaning.

Trimmings and furniture for the gazebo

Not only Bierbänke but also many other beautiful sets and seating areas offer you for the garden and terrace as well as for setting up your party tent. Outdoor furniture is available in weatherproof metal variations in wood and easy to clean plastic, and the matching seat pads can be ordered directly to. From relaxation longer to designer folding table the offer is virtually inexhaustible.

Decoration and lighting for outdoors

Whether you are looking specifically for a permanent solution for the pavilion, and to lanterns find beautiful ideas in the outdoor category decoration of flares, or be inspired by the Party & Event Decoration for a birthday party, wedding or theme party: you will indeed discover beautiful decorative items. Light Tubes & are chains for outdoor use always a great way to create mood, but other light elements such as solar figures bring atmosphere in and around your gazebo. Under lighting can be decorative lighting products find.


Protect for the furnishing of the garden & terrace with a hexagonal gazebo made of steel, or to the guests a garden party with a portable party tent from rain and sun. There is a huge selection. You will find various models of the hexagonal gazebo and also spare parts, accessories and on top of that the appropriate device gazebo. Everything you need to create is a covered area in the garden, which either permit inclusion or lifted by catching visual effect will be offered on eBay. Here you can buy conveniently a gazebo used.

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