Risky driving on thick ATV tires

Quads are built for rides through the countryside, but now many so go on regular roads. Experts consider it dangerous and demanding tougher laws. It is recommended to opt for the Super Swamper ATV tires for the safety. Today, in this article, we will consider all the possibilities of the risk it may take while driving on thick ATV tires. Keep reading

The Leapfrog when starting I can not help. Although I was admonished Joerg Heidenreich, Quad dealer in Ellerbek near Hamburg in advance to press the small black button on the handlebar with the thumb only very carefully. The button is very sensitive even to minimum pressure and ensures extreme driving. The Polaris Sportsman So leaps forward, and I briefly troubled.

Here, the “thumb throttle” to be a safety factor. Because the Quad no throttle on having such a motorcycle, the driver can not accidentally give more gas in critical situations, he clings to the handlebars of the all-terrain vehicle. Many quad-beginners are motorcyclists – about the thumb throttle to prevent this spontaneous rotary gas reaction. But just the gas knob is criticized by TÜV experts and accident investigators as a lack of security and responsible for the crash.

My short test drives to give me an idea of the use and the safety aspects of quads. Because the Insurers Accident Research came in 2013 in a study found that about 85 percent of quad accidents were caused by drivers themselves. The risk of injury to the driver is ten times higher than for car drivers. Pass two out of three accidents, because the ATV’s stray from their lane. The typical accident proceeds accordingly as follows: The driver lost in the curve control of his quad and collided with oncoming traffic or a barrier next to the roadway.

For the Quad – the name comes from the English word quadricycle for wheel – extends a license category B, i.e., for regular car You have to wear a helmet, belts, the vehicle just as a crumple zone. After the briefing by traders Heidenreich I turn a few laps in the rain, running without any problem, but getting used to the handling of Freizeitjux-vehicle is quite.

“A fad which ensures dangerous accidents.”

The reason is that quads have neither differential still ABS, and especially the fact that they are designed for off-road use. About 30 centimeters of ground clearance and a high center of gravity deteriorate the handling significantly. The shifting of weight that you practiced as a motorcyclist during rapid addressing the curves intuitively bring anything on a quad. Take time fast around a curve wag as on a motorcycle is just impossible. It also comes with the abrupt brake often to rollover: The Quad throwing the driver as a stubborn Mustang over the handlebars.

Dealers and Quad fans make of such grave accidents usually an amateur driving style of people responsible who have not been intensively enough with the quad idiosyncrasies. “The handling is in Quads, of course, the nuts and bolts,” said Quad World editor Lars Lorenzen. “You have just purely to Peeve very intensely in all finesse. The quads are also easy to control.” He was 13 years quad driver, known per month five to six vehicles and had previously flown only once from the curve.

While falling at 44 million registered cars in Germany, 160,000 Quads not too much weight, partly because they are moved to the premises. But with the number of buyers is also increasing the proportion of those who are traveling with the vehicles no longer between meadows and streams. “Younger people who want to make it engaging with primary vehicles have discovered in recent years, the quad and ride it now for ice cream,” says TÜV engineer Martin Kläne-Menke from Hannover. “This is a fad that ensures dangerous accidents because many young drivers overestimate their driving skills.”

But Chris axis was an incredibly experienced driver: Quad-expert, brand ambassador for the Canadian manufacturer Can-Am, a counselor in several Quad forums, successful off-road racers. In September 2014 he drove in a competition on the off-road race track Jänschwalde near Cottbus over a hilltop, was catapulted from his vehicle and killed by this. The 37-year-old was killed on the spot.

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