Prepare the baby’s arrival: shopping

To prepare for the arrival of our baby home as important as choosing the professionals to whom we go is to have bought some items and have provided basic needs of the child.

Item needed

It is essential to have purchased an approved safety device for the car, and having previously tested as it works to keep the nerves with the baby and home. Also, if we are going to give birth in a hospital, the device should be in the car, and we will not forget in the rush.

Most families buy a crib and the best pack and play, but then not get to use. However, having a small bassinet at home if it can be helpful to the early days, to leave the baby when we go to sleep but available almost all the time.

The crib, if you finally want to sleep in it, can wait, but decide that the child will sleep in another room in the long run or not, have you with us those first few months is critical.

A suitable carrier for the first few days would help us a lot because the small will feel much safer and happier if we stuck to our body. I have previously acquired knowledge and use it to birth give us a lot of security when we have the baby at home, and we realize how good it feels close to his mother while she can move freely around the house or on the promenade.

We should have bought diapers, of which we prefer, and have the right to clean the baby between diaper changes. We can choose the usual procedures or learn the use and benefits of diapers and organic cleaning products, which rid the delicate newborn skin contact with chemicals and other irritants.

Having the basin or tub to give a bath is one of the best things that have previously purchased.


Keep some clothes. Pajamas of those that open up behind the body with a scoop neck out of the way are indispensable to have many. At least ten would say. We have you wash before putting the baby and recalling it at low temperature, with appropriate washing soaps or nuts without using softener never non-cause irritation or allergies.

A couple of very soft towels, a lullaby to wrap and warmer clothes if born in winter are the indispensable outfit for the first day.

Other basic needs

Never, never, we will use medication to a baby without medical prescipción, so it would be unnecessary to have it, although some parents feel calmer if they have an antitérmico at home and, of course, a digital thermometer, not mercury, which should be He has ruled for all family members.

For Mom, I suggest an enema at home because sometimes when going to the bathroom can be very painful after delivery. It is also convenient to have breast pads, although the first few days it is best to let the chest air dry, without putting any cream or cover it while wet.

Buying nursing bras, I would leave after delivery because the breast increases significantly in size and must not use any that oppress us. But if we buy, we consider this not purchase a size too small it may compress the breasts.

We will also help prepare our home for the baby’s arrival. A thorough cleaning of the house, the fridge full and have previously organized visits will accept and people who will help us, will help us a lot when we’re back home.

With these basic arrival newborn home preparations, we will be much more pleasant and quiet for the whole family those early days.

Other commodities for baby

The room decor baby requires combining the taste for colors, furniture and accessories. Should think about mixing fabrics (curtains, curtains, quilts, bumpers, carpets), the color of the floor and walls (painted or fabric-covered) and the style of furniture (bassinet, crib, changing table, nightstand, direct lamps and indirect, pictures).

Currently, there are a variety of styles to decorate your child’s room, as well as many fashion trends that mark. However, we recommend simplicity and light colors, which are better suited to the characteristics of serenity and patient baby needs after birth.

Articles ride, and transportation (car seat, stroller bag, stroller, rain cover, etc.) must be of high quality. Apart of tastes and colors, choose a durable cart that will not break with the constant folding when inserted into the car and comfortable, easy to use and safe when your baby uses.

With the feeding utensils like baby bottles, bibs, nipples. It is important to consider its ergonomic shape and always adapted to the child’s age. And we can not forget hygiene products such as combs, scissors, sponges, creams, colognes, etc., where the softness and delicacy always match well with the good taste.

It is advisable, especially for new parents, consulting other parents with more experience in the subject. Donations, as well as family heirlooms, are also important and very timely, mainly to alleviate the costs of parents.

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