How to choose humidifier for baby

The humidifier is a device that helps regulate humidity in the baby room. This is important if the atmosphere tends to be dry, with an electric heater or carpet for example. The air is also very dry depending on the climate. Beware of vacation in the mountains! You should know that a dry atmosphere promotes the development of respiratory diseases.

Humidifier in ambient air in the room of a baby seems essential to his health. Especially since we know now that a young child will experience several colds during its first months. To make it a breathing comfort, there are various ways. Among them is the best humidifier for baby . This is a small ceramic container to fill with water and drop or setting on the radiators. The system is simple and affordable financially. Water evaporates slowly to suit the heat diffused heating. In addition, it is also possible to place a bowl of hot water in the baby’s room, on the top of a cupboard for example. A bowl of hot water in which it is nice to add essential oils of eucalyptus (age of child) or thyme twigs, plants, both known for their decongestant and anti-viral. It can also be smart to dry his clothes in the baby’s room to restore a gentle manner and odorous ambient balance of the room. Finally, these classic and simple methods were already used at the time of our grandmothers.

For that baby goes serene nights and gets rid of its faster colds, buying a humidifier should be considered. Let’s look at how to choose.

Mechanism of humidifier for baby

The part can be wetted by different devices that can be issued:

Hot steam: it is a device to avoid in a child’s room because of the risk of burning and raising the temperature of the room. Too high a temperature nurtures the sudden infant death syndrome.

Cold vapor: in addition to humidify the room, the unit can lower the temperature in summer. The cost is about 50 €.

Ultrasound: silent, suitable for small rooms (think watch covered area), this unit is often popular with parents. To function healthily, it needs a filter, should change regularly. Cost about € 100.

Evaporation: this device adapts to the ambient humidity level of the room during the night. This saves you from having to worry about settings. Cost a little over 100 € for such a purchase.

Good to know: If you need a humidifier only occasionally, for ski holidays for example, need to invest. Place a bowl of water on the radiator cast of baby’s room. If there is an electric heater instead install a wet towel on a chair by the crib. Think of wet regularly. You can also bet on an air humidifier (about 3 €).

Humidifier options for baby

The humidifiers may include options, more or less useful:

The diffusion of essential oils: essential oils used to give a pleasant smell to the room and relieve some respiratory diseases (menthol, in particular). However, essential oils are toxic to babies, you must wait until the child grows up to use this option.

The variable flow: failing to have a device running by evaporation, bet on a humidifier you can adjust the flow. You will be able to fit your needs.

The hygrometer: it is a machine telling you what the humidity of the room. Baby, it should be between 55 and 60%.

Note: You can buy a hygrometer before the humidifier. It will allow you to determine whether or not you need a humidifier for your baby’s room.

And dehumidifier for a baby’s room?

Too wet room is not good for baby. Too much moisture allows the development of mold, harmful to health.
If your dwelling is particularly wet, go for a good dehumidifier. This device has a high cost: about € 250.
Much cheaper, the desiccant can be a solution (about 20 €). However, it remains far less effective.

Note: if you own, it is better to take the moisture problem at the source, especially with better home insulation.

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