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The purpose of this exercise is to help the back angle is maintained and prevent breast rotate too soon. We put the driver in front of the right foot and held him putting his left hand on top of the rod. By moving the right hand with the palm facing the floor below the left arm will feel the sensation of the correct swing. You might need golf push cart for the game. View golf push cart reviews


In the downswing, while the left side of the body moves, the right side should offer resistance.
In the address, we catch a towel at their ends. The arms should hang freely and without tension as in normal stance. We make the backswing, and we stood at the top. At this point, we try to pull up with your right hand while down left, strongly holding the towel.

The feeling that we feel at this moment is exaggerated, pulling the left side while the right resists any movement.


Put tension in your swing can cause you to lose distance and accuracy. Applying certain fundamentals correctly, the pressure is avoided. And certain characteristics of swing you may find cause family stress.

For example, keep your left arm rigid. What purpose can there be in that then create a good pose in the stance ?. None only serves to create tension. No reasons or comfort or any other to put a rigid arm.

You decrease the level of tension with a good grip. A tension-free grip is achieved by doing the following: taking the grip with the fingers of both hands. With the lowest hand, we started the grip with the middle finger, avoiding the palm. Also, we put the fat finger up outside the center of the road, in the farthest part of the target, and the thumb of the other hand the same but putting him closer to the target area. The toes have many nerves at the end. If we put them directly in the center of the road, we activate those nerves. Keep arms stiffen, and you create tension.

What you’re trying to achieve is a soft grip. During the swing prevents any movement that causes pressure.


To find out what feels in the backswing take a stick and put it in the chest. Now turn to the right (left if you are left-handed) until the rod is parallel to his right foot. That’s what feels real weight change.

In the backswing, we must shift our weight to the right side but without moving the body. To find out how we run we have to practice to rotate our shoulders and our hip (and move our weight) but without the body moves outside the right foot. This is the important part that we must practice, and we will provide a swing with a full turn without losing our center of balance.

Squaring the clubface

If you have trouble squaring the clubface you can try the following exercise: Aim with the index finger glove that leads down to the bar just stuck the bat. Point your finger back on the backswing and forward the follow-through, keeping the index bar attached to the finger stick. This training helps the hands to be square at the time of impact.


When we hit the ball adamant, the average trend is moving very fast arms. There are also people who naturally have a fast swing. When you get to play very well and have a lot of control, a quick swing can be good, but this does not happen in the initiation period.

A quick swing causes the change of direction of the backswing to downswing is very violent. This extreme change causes the stick out of the plane on the downswing. And this makes from the highest point of our swing we are launching a slice. Also, we will lose wrists soon lose what strength. What to do ?. Well, not make a wild swing in which we seek power from above. We should start the downswing gently and then gradually accelerate.


The two most important factors to achieve maximum distance are: hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat and make the maximum speed.

If you try to reach top speed on the clubhead only moving his arms as quickly as possible, it will be tough to hit the ball with the sweet spot. The correct way to get faster is to widen the arc of rotation, which is accomplished by a full shoulder turn (90 degrees).

Withhold not SWING

Many players tend to stop at the follow-through instead of continuing the movement through the ball, leaving the weight on his right foot. Others are so anxious to see where the ball flies that forget to finish your swing. This limits the amount of force that can be generated in the swing and hinders steering control. Also, stop the swing causes a lot of tension in the back and can end up causing an injury. It should ultimately terminate the swing so that when we finish with the belt buckle, chest and eyes facing the target. There will be little or no weight on the right foot.


This is an essential advice that all beginners should remember. It is also good to remember that the most advanced to have a good feeling in your swing players.

Always wear your hands slightly ahead of the ball. Why?. Because that you make sure you hit the ball as the club takes a downward motion. In all strokes except when we play the drive from the tee, the key to getting a good ball flight is to hit the ball down. Whether it is a stroke of 170 meters, there is something approach of 70 or 8-meter chip shot, hit the ball down we will make better contact, and our game, in general, is better.



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