Discrimination of your metal detector

Discrimination just wants to say it with a button on your best metal detector turn away certain objects/targets.

As simple as state above is not all, because in theory, turn your metal with low conductivity path, in practice demonstrated just turning off weak signals. The result is that you still get a signal on a giant horseshoe even turn such an iron road. A signal which back an object gives to the detector and thus causes a beeping sound depends not only on the type of material, but also on the size of the object, the position (at an angle or flat on the ground), the depth, the degree of corrosion of the purpose and the type of soil you’re looking at.

It may be that a 2 euro piece in a particular position or discrimination will beep one time, and other times not. For example, in sea sand, such currency corrodes very quickly and can therefore ever worse or does not squeak. Also on the standing of the coin on the ground it can happen that he does not beep. A coin upright in the ground, indeed often makes a double ton but always a weaker signal than when the flat area.

Conductivities list:

Materials have a different conductivity value in order of strength:

1 Iron (Nails)
2 Tin (Insignia)
3 Zinc (War tokens)
4 Bronze (Roman fibula)
5 Gold (Golden Ring)
6 Copper (Ocher, thimbles)
7 Silver (silver coins)

Discrimination metal detector What you now have this (or the US) list for choosing your discrimination setting?
No ball, it stands today on nearly every metal detector. Usually with foil, pull rings of cans and American coins there. Why can you with this little?

Being as I wrote earlier depends not only on the material, or there is something fun. A few examples: a large bronze bell (bronze: place 4) may end up in 7th place. A small silver coin (silver: place 7) can squeak so badly that you only one / m 3 can run away to hear him. With a suitable detector, you understand the difference between big iron and the rest, but the iron is low, say above 20 cm, then it becomes a lot harder to determine what is, and you still have to dig with many detectors to get security. Another example: A large piece of aluminum often squeaks the loudest of all. A small piece of aluminum foil beeps …. almost the same material.

What you can do now in this whole story is; Look at what you want and set your discrimination in it. Want to win bronze at dread fibulae discriminate than not higher than the foil position. Want necessarily a bronze sestertius then find you’re back near the copper or silver coins area (purely because the bronze coin is so clumsy fat). Want to find all terms Roman? What usually turns the smartest choice, turn off only the smaller nails (to + / _ 10 cm) and scoop everything above is of the clay.

Stop yourself into the ground

One way to be surer of yourself is to try yourself. So stop yourself objects that you want to find in the soil and test that way. The metal of your behavior becomes more readily apparent. Discrimination position and possibly notch or accept/reject setting will better succeed and you can go swing with more confidence.

Find more deeply with your metal detector

The lower the frequency of your metal detector is deeper can the detector. Do you have a metal detector show identification listen how iron sounds, turn the sensitivity open and stop the discrimination? So look at the all-metal mode, you can then just Slightly deeper as the bias position in which the 0 button state. What you can also do is think of a bigger and better-looking dish. It is not a law of the Medes and Persians, not any larger dish goes deeper than it’s smaller (standard) brother. Keep in mind that a larger bowl, the smallest small objects usually detects less. Also by waving slowly with your search coil can detect down to greater depths.

Search deeper after rain

What also works well is after rain or preferably after a period of rain when the soil is wet to go looking. In wet soil, your detector always goes a lot deeper the better conductivity. Some detectors can also twist a button inside the cabinet to increase the sensitivity, usually using. A screwdriver. an example of the Whites Surf Master is. Then you have finally the opportunity at least some metal detectors that you can build a turbo in more depth.

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