Sometimes it just Suddenly feasts! May it happen That You are standing at a transit camp, and you encounter during a late stroll at an art fair in the village (L’Art Dans la rue). The whole drop strait is full of stalls, Code-which not only the sale of the most beautiful paintings but useful all kinds of home industry. For example, during long winter months made carvings, art, embroidered textiles, homemade jars of honey and other delicious things to eat and taste. The streets are decorated and on the town square plays an orchestra. We dance under the stars. A party to be present!

It was such a great idea of the editors of Allegiance. If I wanted to cook out this summer in the Annex DST at the campsite. A series of simple but delicious meals that you can make an egg carton, a few onions, and a tomato; the stuff tend to get into any grocery store. And that only by one rickety burner, three ladles, and warped pan.
Any idea, I told you, were it not that I have a little brother to the death camp. I tried ever hear. After my graduation, I went with a friend, a borrowed tent and two ditto backpacks to Italy. Fourteen days tour to Lake Garda was the plan. Those green stuffed bags, even with the old-fashioned iron frame, however, were not to lift, so it was and remained the first camping. After each guest, we had our tent again picking out the trees and the pegs firmly hammering again.

Trashy Weather! Next to us was a brave young couple from Alkmaar with a model tent, every guy rope taut bothersome. Cook, they did on the principle itself every night. One thing with us until the satanic pleasure slowly melting surfboard for protection against the flutter again. Strange boys, Dutchmen. We started whistling to the village, where you could eat anywhere fantastic for a song. I mean: if you do not have inherited from childhood on, it is never what that camp.

Tent Worthy! Meanwhile, I have developed an additional drawback: I have become accustomed to a fully-equipped kitchen full of gadgets, not to mention an indispensable oven. But fortunately, dear reader, you sent me after a call for help all kinds of camping recipes and tips far, so I want to try it. First, a simple tent right method myself. Starting next week, readers post their turn. For more camping meal ideas, click here

Recipe Pasta Caprese

Needed for four people:

400g penne (or other short pasta)
Two bulbs buffalo
500g fragrant, ripe tomatoes (or 2 boxes cherry tomatoes)
handful fresh basil
One garlic clove
a small handful of pine nuts
dash of olive oil
salt & pepper

Toast the pine nuts briefly in a pan until golden brown. Keep aside. Bring a pot of water to boil for the pasta. That could take a while. No point. Meanwhile, tear the mozzarella into pieces. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. No, do not peel, it’s vacation! Cut almost all the basil into strips. Toss in a large bowl. Squeeze the garlic above finely, add the pine nuts with it plus salt and taste quite definitely freshly ground pepper – each store now has that simple mills, if you forget his home. A dash of olive oil pour in. Toss together and let stand so quietly. Now the water will gradually be cooking. Add salt and pasta and cook until al dente. Drain the pasta through a strainer and scoop directly into the bowl with the rest. Spread on plates with the remainder of the basil sprinkled over it and maybe even a wisp of extra oil.


• Make sure the mozzarella is not cold, but temperature tent. Otherwise, he started as the warm paste and rubber-like.
• A small splash the of balsamic vinegar is also good, for those who have prepared.
• Water for the pasta always cooks with the lid on the pan, which is faster. Salt slows the cooking process, so adding later.

This series runs throughout the summer. Every the day you’ll find the latest recipe. Only after the weekend is the recipe here online. Well, the difference must be orphans. After the summer I’m going to continue with my anti-pack methods.

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