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Find your ’embroidery clothing “on terms like Google and’ embroidery textiles,” you learn a lot about lightning buy embroidered clothes and little or nothing about the embroidery itself. Admittedly, modern embroidery machine embroidery ‘s hard to explain, and every embroiderer does own technique after. We teach you a piece of embroidery to know the explanation on this page.

Why embroider clothes instead of printing?

First of all, as the main advantages of embroidery compared to print at a glance: an embroidered logo looks fancier than a printed logo, an embroidery is more resistant to the washing machine and is also an embroidery usually better on fabric with a rough surface, such as thick sweaters , caps and (winter) jackets.
embroidered jacket embroidered bags, hats, and polo embroidery

Embroidered clothing: explanation of embroidery

Clothing embroidery starts with a design and a garment. By design, embroiderer makes a digital embroidery card that shows what “stabbing” the best embroidery machines will make. Not only the design but also the textile embroidery determines how to proceed the embroiderer. Substances heavyweight (such as coats and bags) require a different approach than lighter materials (t-shirts and polo shirts).

As you can see above in the film has an industry embroidery not the romance of grandmothers work. There are many different embroidery machines, which include differentiated regarding speed, the maximum embroidery area and the number of heads. The high film (made by TheEmbroideryWarehouse) is a demonstration of an embroidery machine with 4 cups Tajima brand.

Textile embroidery is not so simple

Once the embroidery machine embroidering, to withdraw because of the stabbing fabric of excellent material (as opposed to dark textiles) tend together made with yarn. The embroiderer is anticipating this by stretching the fabric enough tight place with a clamping ring and a layer of felt reinforcement behind the embroidery.

For example, t-shirts and polo shirts while embroidering sometimes pull something together, for instance, result in a circular logo after embroidery suddenly looks ovoid.

The embroiderer is making test models to make the perfect embroidery card. Also, can be determined by examining how tightly the garment to be stretched, and which yarn are most suitable.

Details embroidery on clothing

Detail borduringHet often happens that we have to advise clients to customize a design or opt for a larger embroidery, embroidery text because otherwise unreadable. Embroidery is a relatively crude technique and displaying fine details and requires proper preparation for the patience of the embroiderer.

Sometimes it is even possible to make an embroidery for a photograph, for example by different colored yarn onto stabbing each other. This creates a thick embroidery in which a gradient of colors can be made. We can work with 12 colors of yarn per design and in total, you can choose from 350 colors of yarn to match PMS colors.

Where can I find instructions embroidery machine knitted sweaters?

Making extensive Internet searches for delicate machine embroidery projects usually produces an incomplete set of instructions. A narrow search embroidered knitted sweaters often provides specific projects to thread point. Project instructions should include directions for preparation such as information sheet stabilizer, hooping machine guidelines and techniques to ensure alternative embroidery knitted sweater undeformed or stretched during the embroidery process. Some projects also include models of embroidery machines for scanning machines and earlier versions of the model. Books, as well as online community embroidery patterns, are downloadable and useful tips.


• Perform an Internet search and search for “embroidery machine instructions in knitted sweaters.” Perform a second search including embroidery machine model. See several sites before attempting a project and make sure that the addresses and details of preparation instructions are included.

• Review online embroidery and blogs that often include instructions along with tips and step by step photos weaving. Comments and message boards are usually filled with additional suggestions as well as specific problems experienced by community members during project solutions.

• Visit your local library or bookstore and find books for machine embroidery delicate textures and materials. For example, dense embroidery stitch count or deep extension tissues causing yarn stitches to disappear in the dot pattern. Preconstruction advice indicates that the information is geared to the embroidery clothes excellent point. For example, information as prewash and line drying knitted garments to reduce embroidery thread naturally before they are geared for subtle textures.

• Review books or online sources, including sheet stabilizer guidelines and application instructions. You consider, yarn point is constructed freely, and these layers support and ensure the surface tautly point during the embroidery process. It is applied to the back of the knitted piece. Water soluble stabilizer also often used on top of the tissue surface is called the topper. This process ensures that the embroidery does not move. The padding also makes certain that the stitches are visible on the top point yarn thread preventing separated. The guidelines also include alternatives such as applying a polyethylene mesh for the back of the embroidery ensuring a smooth and flexible support.

• Review instructions several different methods offering embroidery as flotation technique. This procedure avoids tissue distortion that occurs when loose knitted or woven textures are mounted on frames embroidery hoop part top and bottom. The flotation method is performed by spraying adhesive embroidered on the stabilizer to secure it in place. The top frame is used as a guide during embroidering and bottom frame is not used for mounting texture. This process prevents threads distort, stretch or separating them.

• Choose instructions with details of preparation as Baste the outer edges of the yarn knitted with an embroidery machine. A basting stitches loose thread point and guarantees the stabilizer blades are locked in place during the embroidery process.

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